2016 So Far...



Kilkenny Folk Festival & New EP early release

Hey folks

really looking forward to our 4th year at the folk festival this bank holiday weekend.

We can't believe it's been 4 years since that first performance at the festival. It's an honour to be a part of it again. This year we will be playing 3 shows and we will also be giving people the chance to pick up an early copy of our brand new EP!

More details in future blog entries about our new EP but in the meantime we hope to see some of you at the festival.

take care


Kilkenny Roots 2015:

03/05/2015 - The Pumphouse 10pm

04/05/2015 - Playwright Pub 2pm

04/05/2015 - O Gormans Bar 10pm


Sure it might as well be our year...


So its 2015 and the goals as always are written down ready to be achieved! This year however I read over goals for the last few years after writing down 2015’s goals. It triggered a thought that one of the reasons some of our goals for our little band fail to see the day is because we don’t’ talk about them enough. Sometimes not even to each other!!
So this year we are going one step further and we are going to share them with you with the view that the more we advertise and discuss these goals the better chance we have to achieve them.
Here goes:
Release 2 EP’s in 2015
Plan a House Tour (at least 4 Venues in Ireland or beyond!)
Up our fan base mailing to 3000 (Please feel free to spread the word on The Needables)
Expand on our Festivals in 2015
Raise funds for recording Debut Album
Some of the above may change as the years goes by, for instance who knows maybe 2 EP’s might become one album!  But it feels good to publish them for all to see. Plenty of challenges to make this happen  but its written down now so you can all hold us to them and beat us with the weapon of your choosing if we fail to meet them!
If you want to help us spread our sound to a wider fan base or would like to be a part of our House Tour just drop us a line and let’s get cooking!
Ps forgot the obvious goal of WORLD DOMINATION!!!!




Why we do what we do

Sometimes trying to get your music heard can be tough and through the years we had to accept that one door open probably resulted in four closing at the same time. That’s the beauty of an Independent Artist. So why after all these years keep doing it? Simple, it’s too much bloody fun not to!

When Floyd and myself started this journey we were teenagers ready to change the face of rock & roll, but so was everybody else!! But it was that naive 'nothings gonna stop us now' that you needed to survive all the years. Looking back at it I laugh at some of the choices we made but you had to get burnt to learn the do's and dont's!

So now we are both in our thirties with families and mortgages and all the trimmings but we still hold that little child in us that wants to change the world...just on an extremely smaller scale!!! We recently played our first house gig and it was a real moment of clarity after all these years to why we do what we do. a small tent out a back garden, couches and a homemade stage filled with 15 or so people that soaked up and got involved with every note and word we made. We even had gale-force winds attempting and failing to ruin the night! There was no need for a famous venue, no fear of having to pay and fill it. No fear of whether such and such would turn up. Just the two of us doing what we love and finding new friends that wanted to hear us play. This is exactly why we do it. Exactly why we write songs. It’s even why we play the cover gigs to make the bit of extra cash to let us concentrate on the original work and survive in this little world.

We love it, it’s as simple as that!


Kilkenny Roots 2014

We hit the city for two days with two gigs and lots of madness!

Floyd had once again sorted our accommodation for free but this time he went all out and booked us in the Lyrath Country House...very swanky!!

So on our first night we decided to get some practice in back in the room and after 15 mins along came the dreaded knock on the door. We knew it was a complaint for playing music in the room, so I promptly hid in the bathroom while Floyd took the mission to apologise! As Floyd prepared to launch into his defensive plea he was handed a bucket with complimentary champagne from the hotel and a note hoping we enjoy our stay...again!!! Not sure what name Floyd used to get us in but let's say the rehearsals went down hill from there!!!

Roll on Sunday and the Playright as our first gig at 2pm. The staff now know us from previous years so there was an element of comfort as I served myself behind the bar!!! They were so helpful it just made us feel right at home and so we kicked off to a great turn out (one of the first gigs that day) which included some familiar faces that saw us last year which was lovely to see! What I love most about this festival is the involvement you get from the crowds. Always genuinely interested to hear you play.

So roll on The Marble City gig at 10:30pm Sunday and though the crowd was not as big as earlier it was still full of music loving folks who got into everything we played...even my melodica solo! I got told by a lovely lady called Fiona that she recognised me from my boots, I was very pleased with that!

So another year and again so any new stories and friends. A massive thank you to Kilkenny Roots Festival and the Playwright and the Marble City folks for letting us be a part of this great event.