New Free Track - Leave A Little Light

Well here we go a wee new track for you all.

Leave a little light is all yours just click below:

Leave A little Light

Please oh please leave a comment on our soundcloud and let us know what you think!

New gig dates soon as we hit the road again and also search for our location to record the album...we will be wandering the streets.




Arthur's Day gig

Hi folks

Beat here, updating you on how our Arthur's Day Gig went. We (I) played The Vesary Arms in Lucan. Floyd was unavailable to join in on the festivities but I managed to survive without him...even with the PA as engineer I most certainly am not!

I had the honour of toasting Arthur at 17:59 which was great and so much thanks to the pub for that nod!

We hope you had a great Arthur's Day too



Smithwicks Kilkenny Roots Festival performance

Well well well it's all over and how did it go for us?
Wonderful folks just wonderful. The atmosphere, the kind words from listeners, and the overall sense of being a part of something special.

Saturday myself and Pedro, our loveable graphic designer/pr/cd seller, arrived at the River Court Hotel ( our base for the Fest) and after some tasty pints to settle in we headed off to His Golden Messenger. As I stood there watching such a brilliant set, which included a bonus guest appearance by Amanda Shires, it hit me "holy shit" we are playing this festival we love.

We had tickets for Charlie Parr who unfortunately had to cancel so we headed for some of the free trail gigs. As I flicked through the festival booklet I realised we were first up on Sunday...eek!

So it came to 2pm the next day in The Playright and the people came and the people listened and I think they may have even enjoyed it! For me it was my first time singing the classic Big Iron, which is my dads party piece so was worried about doing it justice. Despite my best efforts to take someone's eye out throwing free CDs out to the crowd everyone survived the gig!

10:30pm and Marble City got some Needables action (but not before we squeezed in a excellent Amanda Shires set). The crowd was smaller then earlier but just as positive and we had a ball and got some good contacts about gigs in UK so watch this space!

The music did not end there though as the residents bar was rocking back at the hotel including some folk that caught our show so we ended up playing a few improv tunes and drinking the night away!

So thank you the helpful and kind staff at both The Playright and Marble City.

Thank you John Cleere and all at the Festival it was amazing and we hope to scab some more festival time in the future!

Finally thanks to all that came to the show.



Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival Bank Holiday May 2012

When we started The Needables we wrote down short term and long term plans in what we wanted to achieve. One of those long term goals was to get on the premium artist rota for the Kilkenny Roots Festival. To help start this process we requested to play the free trail set with the expectation it might be a year or so before they let us in...I was wrong!!

So here we are preparing for what is a dream festival to be part of. If there is one thing I recommend to experience in your life is a festival like this one. There is a real sense of togetherness from Artist to Fan. The venues intimate and atmospheric. The location, Ireland at its finest.

We will be taking to the Playright stage at 2pm on the Sunday followed by Marble City at 10pm that night as part of the free trail. Check out all the gigs here.

We will be down there from the saturday to hopefully catch some of the acts before and in between our own gigs.

So don't be mad, celebrate the bank holiday weekend in Kilkenny and be warned it is addictive!



Liz Lawrence Gig Tales

So Liz Lawrence support last Wednesday. We arrived in to Whelans for the sound check and Liz was on stage finishing her own. What hit us there and then was the beauty of the harmonies between her and the twin brothers, Harry and Fraser. Add to that them being incredibly nice folk, we ended spending the night drinking and telling random favourite kind of nights!

Of course a night can't go by without me embarrassing myself and this time it was on the poor poor sister of Liz Lawrence. Deciding to play a game of 'Wheres Liz' during our set I directed the audience to Liz by the pillar only to realise after the gig it was her sister! I wondered why Liz looked so anxious when I said it!! She forgave me eventually!!

As for us it was my first outing on the mandolin which I took up last month...nervous as hell but I think I got away with it! Our first two songs where brand new (one being the mandolin song!) so it was great to give them an airing. The crowd was fantastic so if you where there thank you for your support. We hope to have made some new friends for our Needables gathering and see you soon.