Liz Lawrence Gig Tales

So Liz Lawrence support last Wednesday. We arrived in to Whelans for the sound check and Liz was on stage finishing her own. What hit us there and then was the beauty of the harmonies between her and the twin brothers, Harry and Fraser. Add to that them being incredibly nice folk, we ended spending the night drinking and telling random favourite kind of nights!

Of course a night can't go by without me embarrassing myself and this time it was on the poor poor sister of Liz Lawrence. Deciding to play a game of 'Wheres Liz' during our set I directed the audience to Liz by the pillar only to realise after the gig it was her sister! I wondered why Liz looked so anxious when I said it!! She forgave me eventually!!

As for us it was my first outing on the mandolin which I took up last month...nervous as hell but I think I got away with it! Our first two songs where brand new (one being the mandolin song!) so it was great to give them an airing. The crowd was fantastic so if you where there thank you for your support. We hope to have made some new friends for our Needables gathering and see you soon.



Whelans with Liz Lawrence Tonight

We are excited about opening up tonight for the lovely Liz Lawrence upstairs in Whelans.

Liz has just released her debut album Bedroom Hero so go buy buy buy its cool!

If you are around tonight come on in it's sure to be a good one. Heard Liz play her song Monday Morning live on TodayFm this morn and it sounded great so looking forward to the gig...and if course we will try our best to entertain you too.




After the gig with Lindi.

Friday with Lindi Ortega in Whelans:

Well what a night! Myself and Floyd had high hopes for this gig and it didn't let down. Sometimes you get gigs and you play them cause its a good act or venue you really want to play but sometimes those acts might be nothing like you and its all a bit mishmash. On Friday however there was an opportunity to play to folks who might just get on The Needables Train!

And there they were, sitting and waiting for us to make a noise that would hopefully be pleasant on the ears! So up we stomped on stage and began our little set in the hope to have a few listeners. What followed was a show that left The Needables with ear to ear grins! If you were there I can't thank you enough.

You cant beat the feeling you get when a crowd reacts and takes part in one of your shows. At one point during a particularly quiet part of a song I couldn't hear a sound and the feeling was incredible. At that point we knew we had the potential of finding some new friends. I am sure some folk didn't dig it as much as others but they still listened and gave us the opportunity to impress. You might all think I am mad as it was a room of 50 to 60 people and not a sold out show at the O2 but I cant express enough just how special it was to us. You get used to and expect (especially when you are the support) to some chatting and only occasional glances towards the stage but this was full on engagement and we humbly thank you all that made the show. We hope we have made some new friends who we will get to meet again and again.

A note on Lindi - She arrived for soundcheck dying of a cold and stepped up on stage and proceeded to belt out a song with incredible ease and nodded to the sound man that she was happy if he was and finished just like that. What a voice god damn it! And coupled with such a happy go lucky attitude was so nice to see. Many Leprechaun stories later we had become mates and had a whopping singsong backstage which completed a great night. We even had the incredibly nice Paddy Casey join us in our singsong! Unfortunately both our phones died and we couldn't capture any of it but Lindi did so you never know it might appear on the net sometime!

As for her performance well we all know how good that was...although next time Lindi "Fall down or fly" must be played!! She was really taken aback by the reception and the crowd as she feared no one knew of her!

A special mention to our new friend Dave Danger!!! Dave (Lindi's Tour Manger) was one hell of nice bloke and we hope to take him up on his offer to play his venue in Camden. Even just to slag him again for inability to say the word "Smithwicks"

If you made the show please let us know your thoughts we would love to hear from you.

So long for now



Whelans gig with Lindi Ortega, 14th October, 2011.

Photo by Adrian Vieni

We hit Whelans (upstairs) this Friday with the wonderful Canadian Alt Country singer, Lindi Ortega. If anyone is interested in catching an early days performance when we are still rusty as hell then come on down. Click here to get tickets for the show.

Here's some info on Lindi Ortega: "With her arresting vocals and unique brand of alt country, a genre she describes as "a roadside motel love affair between old school outlaws and country darlings". The record will be a collection of songs that aims to speak to the desperado in all of us. Be sure to keep an ear out for that sweet vibrato and an eye out for those little red boots because it won’t be long before Canada boasts of a brand new country darling."



The Needables - Live at last!

The Needables will be playing The Grand Social in Dublin on Friday 16th September. It is the Dublin City FM Autumn Schedule Launch Party with Codes & TKO.

The music starts from 8pm and it is €10 on the door. Hope to see you there!